Commercial Dispute Resolution

Providing Insight to Resolve Your Dispute

Commercial business disputes often arise out of complex circumstances such as differences regarding contract performance or business interruptions, purchase price earn-outs or the unauthorized use of assets such as intellectual property and trademarks. Every dispute is unique, with its own set of facts and circumstances, and resolving these disputes can be both an arduous and tenuous process. It’s important to have an advisor who knows how to navigate an organization’s business information systems and effectively assist in gathering, analyzing and managing financial information in a way that is consistent with the legal strategy for resolving a dispute.

Bennett Thrasher’s Commercial Dispute Resolution professionals have experience working with law firms across the country on complex and challenging cases. Whether you need assistance with the discovery or pre-trial phases, require expert witness testimony in the areas of damage computation or lost profits or need a neutral third-party accountant, a court-appointed master or an independent arbitrator, Bennett Thrasher has the expertise to assist you with your case.

Our Commercial Dispute Resolution experience includes:

  • Privileged Consulting
    • Discovery requests
    • Deposition preparation
    • Trial preparation
    • Research
  • Expert witness testimony
    • Damages computations
    • Fraudulent conveyance analysis
    • GAAP interpretations
    • Lost profit calculations
    • Rebuttal testimony
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Arbitration
    • Special Master
    • Receiver

To learn more about how Bennett Thrasher can provide financial insights to help resolve your dispute, contact Patrick Braley or call 770.396.2200 to schedule a consultation.