Our Mission

Commitment to Client Service:

  • I will do everything possible to help provide my clients with superior services through innovative thinking and efficient work.
  • I know that our success and survival depend on how well I consistently serve our clients inside and outside the Firm.
  • I understand that my job directly impacts the timeliness, quality, and cost effectiveness of the services we provide.
  • I will respect and have concern for our clients’ needs.
  • Once I make a commitment to a client or another associate, I promise to fulfill it on time.
  • I will do what I say, when I say I will do it.
  • Client satisfaction, while maintaining the highest professional standards, is my number one priority.
  • I understand that one mistake is one error too many.
  • I promise to strive to do my job right the first time and to continually seek performance improvement.

Purpose Statement:

“Bennett Thrasher exists to serve our clients by building trust through insight and involvement and to provide professional fellowship and prosperity for everyone in the firm.”

Fellowship means that we work together with like heart, like mind, like purpose.  We are on the same wave length.  Our agendas are consistent.

By prosperity, we mean that we want all that is good in the broadest sense of the word for everyone in the firm, our families and our clients.  We want to grow by being expert and professional.  We want to serve our clients, instruct and guide them.  We want to be wise and enjoy life.  We want to be successful.  Prosperity also means that we have the material resources we need to accomplish all of this.